Our Successes

  • The Rotary Youth Club has a very simple focus:  helping youth succeed.  That success can be measured in the stories of former club members finding life direction and in academic data as well.

    Our Summer Enrichment Academy consistently numbers 100 and growing.  We’re meeting our goal of 15% improvement in reading and math proficiency across all grade levels as children head back to school with more confidence and ready to learn.   

    Rotary Youth Club members are earning A/B Honor Roll status during the school year with support of our after-school homework tutoring.  Principals of all five Fairhope schools tell us they can see the difference. 

    Moving forward, we’ll continue to track results in not only grades but attendance, behavior and graduation rates.    

    Beyond the numbers, former club members now achieving their dreams and returning as volunteers are perhaps the best reflection of true success.

  • “In the 4th grade I became a club member, and it was a big part of my life until my family moved when I was 14. That support after school and during the summer kept me directed toward my goal of becoming a teacher. Working with the club kids after school is to me a sense of giving back.  I want them to have the same direction I had.”

    Tylesha Gulley


  • Daniel Miller is a former Fairhope HS Pirate standout now attending Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas on football scholarship. “I was ten when I started the program and it really influenced me a lot. The staff took time with us and taught me how to be a good person. Working with the summer teachers made a big difference when I went back to school every year. Keeping my grades up helped me earn my football scholarship – I’m grateful. I’d like to be a coach one day and maybe work with kids in need.”


  • Daniel Miller /Summer Enrichment Academy and Club Member.