Pre-K Program Opens to First Class

December 21, 2016
  • A First Class Pre-K

    The Rotary Youth Club received one of 122 prestigious Alabama First Class Pre-K grants in the spring of 2017, allowing us to continue our successful pilot program. The $85,000 three-year grant brings to fruition the Club’s longtime commitment to education and opportunity for learners of all ages in the community.

    From 8am to 2:30pm each weekday,  18  4-year olds bring backpacks, lunch totes and young minds ready to soak up the day with seasoned  Kindergarten teacher Sarah Seitz and former club member Tylesha Gulley.

    Qualifying for the state grant meant intense training in Alabama’s nationally recognized results-based curriculum. “This program is all about play-based learning, offers Sarah – Baldwin County’s 2010 Teacher of the Year.  “While they’re busy having fun, they’re also learning to problem solve, build math and literacy skills and more.  The children don’t even realize they’re working – and that means they’re building relationships in a fun positive atmosphere.  What they’re accomplishing in just the last two months is remarkable.”

    Alabama’s First Class Pre-K is consistently named best in the country, in large part due to its attention to detail. Each grant class is assigned a monitor and coach to help maintain records, work out budgets, curriculum ideas and support as needed.  Qualifying for the grant required an age-specific, developmentally-focused Pre-K playground along with a lengthy list of learning tools, play materials and software.

    “Every year teaching Kindergarten I’d have children walk in the classroom unable to hold a pencil, manage a pair of scissors or even know their colors and letters.   It’s exciting to know Tylesha and I are preparing these boys and girls for school confidence and success not just in Kindergarten but the rest of their lives.  So many studies prove the head start their getting today impacts a child’s entire future. It’s wonderful for this club to be a part.”

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