Summer Enrichment Academy

  • The Rotary Youth Club Summer Enrichment Academy offers a fun learning environment that’s also preparing students for the coming school year with confidence.

    The Academy was launched with the awareness that summer means a measurable learning gap for children, especially those qualifying for free and reduced lunch. That population makes up nearly a quarter of the students in Fairhope schools and includes many of our club members. Those boys and girls don’t have the advantage of summer travel, library time, or camps. And the drop in test scores between May and Fall of the next school year support the need to keep young minds engaged.

    With the ongoing support of the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation, the Academy has grown to now include some 125+ students – and we’re committed to turn away no one. As this program grows, we’ll add staff. And the new education wing means the summer program can remain on our own campus at last.

    From 9am-noon participants are engaged in one hour rotations of math, reading and science K-12. Students are separated by grade level. During the afternoons, RYC members participate in other activities and field trips from Waterville to tours of the delta and much more.

    Our goal is a 15% improvement across all grade levels in all subjects and we consistently meet that expectation. 

    These students headed back to school in August with confidence and a focus not on just “keeping up” but the Honor Roll. In fact, nearly half of our club members achieve A/B Honor Roll status and are rewarded with a club recognition ceremony and a special night to the movies, dinner or bowling.

    The cost of the summer program is $250.00 for June, and $250.00 for July. There is no cost for the month of August. Program hours are 9:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday. Early bird begins at 7:30am. Snacks are provided at no charge. 

  • Interested in being a volunteer or tutor?