About Us

  • Every afternoon by 3 o’clock,  some 4500 children are heading home from all five Fairhope schools.  Some to after school sports or band practice, service clubs… but many are heading home… alone.

    We all know the statistics comparing what happens when a child is considered “latch-key” and home without supervision versus those who remain plugged in and engaged.   Afternoon free hours don’t stay empty.  Social temptations may lead to skipping school or just giving up altogether.  Those lives are about much more than just numbers to us.

    The Rotary Youth Club is there when kids need us most:  after school and all day in the summer. Our membership is open to youth ages 6-18.  For $40 per month we offer a safe, supportive environment with programs to help kids achieve academically, build healthy habits, and foster the skills they need to become productive, caring, responsible members of the community.

  • What it means to us

    Words from our staff.

  • labreece-testimonial

  • “I was a Boys & Girls Club member as a teenager, so I tell these kids I’ve been in their shoes. Fifteen years ago I began volunteering in the summer then joined the staff last year. In the afternoons I’m helping with homework, just listening to kids and encouraging them. If I need to I walk them home.  I’m following up on their grades. Most of all just letting them know someone is watching – they matter.”

    – La-Breece Watts / Education Leader


  • “Using the arts as a balancer and creativity prompt for children is a great thing to do. Each child can excel and express through creating something of their own. My favorite day is when I come to the Rotary Club and hear a student say ‘Mom can you pick me up later? I’m having art today’.”

    – Nancy Raia / Arts Coordinator
    Community Outreach Director
    Eastern Shore Art Center

  • nancy-testimonial

  • peter-testimonial

  • “ When I retired a couple of years ago, I was looking for some way to help in the community. Today I’m here four days a week for the homework hour.  I’ve really grown attached to these kids – all from different backgrounds and situations but what’s in common is the need to know someone cares.”

    – Pete Scarbrough / Tutoring Volunteer